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14 Feb, 2017

SuperMate release 4.1.4

The latest SuperMate upgrade, 4.1.4 scheduled for Friday 24 February, brings new features and improvements.

Bank Account Data Loads – storage of account balances

SuperMate is now storing bank account balances that are received from automated data loads, allowing you to easily reconcile your general ledger to the daily bank account balance via the Bank Account Balances Extract Tool.

Storage of bank account balances will also be an important part of our new Transaction Centre, to be released later in 2017. The new Transaction Centre will make the processing of fund transactions even more efficient and easier to reconcile. It will also include the ability to see if changes have been made to uploaded bank transactions which will allow the fund’s auditor to identify altered transactions.

Multiple Macquarie esi credentials

SuperMate will now allow up to ten ESI credentials for both Macquarie Cash and Macquarie Wrap automated loads.

This one-off setup allows data from all your Macquarie Cash and Wrap clients, across all advisers, to be loaded at once.


Domain security has been improved allowing greater visibility as to which funds and users have access to which domain, as well as the ability to update domains in bulk.

When you are adding a fund/portfolio to the system via any of the new fund/portfolio workflows, the system will use whichever domain has been flagged as the default value.


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