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27 Mar, 2017

Helping identify reform-impacted members

Soon, SuperMate will be enhanced to help you identify clients affected by the new super rules.

You will be able to filter for the following information and display it on screen or export it:

  • Members with pensions in excess of the $1.6m transfer balance cap
  • Members who have a transition to retirement pension
  • Pension type – account based or old legacy pensions
  • Whether the fund has segregated pension assets
  • Whether the pension is reversionary or non-reversionary

You will also be able to run a report showing:

  • How much a member has used of their contribution caps for 2016/17
  • Where a member has triggered the bring forward rule, which year it was triggered and how much of the $540,000 bring forward cap they have used

Keep an eye out for the notification of this next release of SuperMate.

To start the conversation with your SMSF clients around the CGT relief rules, you can utilise SuperMate’s existing Accrued Capital Gains Tax report, which shows separate tax parcels for each asset, as well as whether the asset is a segregated pension asset.


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