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SMSF Adventures with Garry

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Episode 10

Top 6 advantages of having an SMSF 

Listen to Nicholas Ali and Graeme Colley discuss the top 6 advantages and disadvantages of having an SMSF. Providing personal lessons and reasons for having one. 


Episode 9

SMSF Audits in the age of COVID-19 

In this episode Nicholas Ali and Graeme Colley discuss SMSF Audits with reference to our 14-point checklist to get you on your way.


Episode 8

Corporate Trustee vs Individual Trustee

One of the most frequent and important SMSF questions, which trustee structure should I have? In this episode Philip La Greca and Nicholas Ali answer this question looking at everything you should consider.


Episode 7

Super Contribution Changes

In this episode Graeme Colley and Anthony Cullen discuss the changes to super contributions which came about, following the parliament announcement made in the 2019/2020 federal budget.


Episode 6

What to look out for with your end of year tax return audit

In this episode Philip La Greca and Nicholas Ali discuss what to look out for in your compulsory tax return audit, following a number of changes this year. 

Episode 5

Investment strategies in the age of COVID-19

In this episode Philip La Greca and Nicholas Ali discuss how the robustness of SMSF investments and the investment strategy that underpins them are being tested.

Episode 4

Changes to superannuation as a result of COVID 19

In this episode we discuss the changes to superannuation that have occurred as a result of COVID 19. 

Episode 3

The latest SMSF regulation updates

In this episode we discuss legislation changes, following an update from the SMSF Association National Conference.

Episode 2

Issues with arbitrary limits for super contributions

Based on a recent blog, we discuss how some people benefit while others might not.

Episode 1

Calculating a member's total super balance

In this episode we discuss all things related to calculating TSB and a new opportunity to utilise.


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