Benefits of an SMSF

What are the advantages of having an SMSF?

SMSF tax advantages

Unique investments

Trustees have unique investment options, like buying a business property from related parties and leasing it at market rates to a related party as it continues to build wealth within the fund.

Cost advantages

Cost advantages

An SMSF may provide cost advantage relative to other superannuation options for larger fund balances.

buy and sell-investments

Tax advantages

Timing is critical to investing. SMSF can take advantage of income and taxable capital gains for investments that have moved to the retirement phase, offering partial or full tax-exemption.

Estate planning

Estate planning

Reversionary pensions and transfer of SMSF assets to other members are some of the options in the SMSF.

control of investment timing

Control of timing

Being able to defer the purchase or sale of an investment may provide a reduction in taxable income of the fund. SMSFs offer this flexibility, allowing trustees to maximise their fund's returns.

Asset protection

Asset protection

The assets of an SMSF are protected from creditors if a member or their business run into trouble.


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