SMSF compliance

Having an SMSF means you're in charge — you make the investment decisions for the fund and you're held responsible for complying with the superannuation and tax laws.

Making sure your SMSF complies with all the relevant superannuation and tax laws can be time consuming. However, we provide services to help you stay in control, including:

  • Accounting administration
  • Annual financial statements - operating statements (profit & loss), statements of financial position (balance sheet), notes to accounts
  • Annual member statements
  • Annual tax and regulatory returns
  • Minutes of meetings or resolutions of trustees
  • Instalment Activity Statement lodgements in accordance with your SMSF's PAYG obligations (additional fee if required)
  • Business Activity Statement lodgements (additional fee if required)

In addition to these services we also monitor key areas of SMSF compliance and notify you of any issues, including:

  • movement of assets outside your investment strategy
  • the need for the revaluation of non-standard assets
  • the need for actuarial certificates
  • contribution cap alerts
  • pension minimum requirements (if applicable)

We’ll also notify you of any upcoming trustee obligations, so you can continue to stay on top of managing your SMSF.

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