SuperConcepts’ SMSF software now more cost-effective

Feb 1, 2017, 09:00 AM

SuperMate’s simple but sophisticated features position it as a leader in the SMSF software market. And, now we’re ensuring that it’s also one of the most affordable and best value software packages available on the market.

Effective 1 February 2017, the price of SuperMate is cut by up to 53% – making it the most cost-effective product of its kind on the market.

The cost of a SuperMate Base subscription is more than halved – from $10.72 (including GST) to $5 per fund per month. While SuperMate Complete, which offers additional features including a wide range of automated data feeds, drops from $15.13 to $10, a saving of 33%.

SuperMate prices

Generating more value for SMSF businesses 

SuperConcepts continually seeks out and creates new solutions that drive efficiency across all aspects of SMSF management – and deliver them at the lowest possible cost - so our clients can generate more value from their SMSF business. 

The price reduction, which applies to new and existing users, provides a direct benefit for accounting and advice firms, and even better; it’s here to stay

It enables them to run their SMSF business more efficiently, by driving down operating costs or pass on the cost savings to their clients. 

Wrapped up with a service that keeps business performing at its best

The price reductions not affect the quality of SMSF software packages available, or the technical support behind them. 

“We believe the use of software is critical to ensuring compliance especially in light of the changes coming in. To make it more affordable we are reducing the price, but delivering the same market-leading technology that has put SuperMate at the top of its field,” says SuperConcepts’ CEO Natasha Fenech. 

“What’s more, we intend to keep investing in the software to bring more time-saving features to SuperMate customers, so they can get even more from their SMSF business.”

Further information

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Existing SuperMate customers can phone us on 1300 359 335 or email support@supermate.com.au

If you’re interested in signing up to SuperMate, phone us on 1300 650 135 or email sales@supermate.com.au

*Note: All prices are inclusive of GST and charged on a monthly basis in arrears. A subscription is for a minimum of 10 funds and twelve months. If you require additional investments and/or banking data feeds, you can upgrade to the new SuperMate Complete package for an additional $5 per month per fund ($10 per month per fund in total including GST).