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SuperMate training and support

Jun 29, 2018, 12:27 PM

Latest training videos 

Check out the following new videos – a deep dive into two important areas and suited for advanced users. As with all of our videos, an accompanying PDF is also available with screen shots that serve as a useful guide. 

Security & Access video

This video covers everything to do with setting up users, groups, and the use of policies and domains to restrict fund and menu access. We include tips for team leaders on viewing their team’s work and reallocating if necessary. Plus, we demonstrate how to give your team access to ViewSuper. 

Customising Workflows video

Get a richer understanding of workflows and learn how to create your own to reflect your specific BAU practices. In this video we demonstrate how to create a workflow that incorporates your manual customer contact steps alongside function steps within SuperMate.

How to access the videos

Login to SuperMate and choose the Training menu then Advanced Training.

Success webinars

SuperMate is packed with a host of market-leading features – though it’s possible you may not know them all, even if you’re a long-time user. We now offer regular webinars to help you better understand the functionality within SuperMate – with weekly webinars on a variety of topics.

To find out more about our webinars and how to join them, contact us at success@superconcepts.com.au