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SuperConcepts announces new CTO to replace software founder

Oct 16, 2018, 16:37 PM

The technology torch has been passed at SuperConcepts with Brad Ackermann confirmed as CTO, replacing the outgoing originator of SuperMate, Kurt Groeneveld. Mr Ackermann is currently Executive Manager Software Development at SuperConcepts and begins as CTO from January 2, 2019.

Mr Ackermann will lead the technology team in product development.

Grant Christensen will also be appointed as the Chief Information Officer effective January 2, 2019, and will focus on network infrastructure for SuperConcepts clients.

SuperConcepts CEO Natasha Fenech said: “This really bolsters the technology representation on the SuperConcepts leadership team.

“As we move into the next phase of operations, we are seeing more reliance on SuperMate for both our internal administration requirements and the growing base of software clients.
“This increases the need of the technology team to focus on product development as well as research and development, while dedicating separate resources to maintaining a rock-solid network infrastructure,” says Ms Fenech.

Mr Ackermann has been mentored by Mr Groeneveld for almost 15 years since the pair began work together in 2003, including collaborating on the prototype for SuperMate. 

SuperConcepts CEO Natasha Fenech said this continuity was key to the selection process.

“Succession planning provides a sense of stability for our customers and Brad represents a strong continuity of vision for SuperMate,” says Ms Fenech.

“We did an external search to cover our bases, but nothing compared to what Brad could offer in terms of inhouse expertise and the knowledge of wider market trends for technology and superannuation needs.

“Brad brings deep experience in transforming legacy applications into cloud solutions within the Financial Services sector, and he’s a proven leader of product and operational teams with an excellent track record in improving productivity, quality and customer satisfaction,” says Ms Fenech.

Mr Ackermann paid tribute to Mr Groeneveld and praised his vision within the SMSF sector.

“Kurt has been a pioneer and driving force in SMSF software and administration and it’s been a privilege to work alongside someone who was at ground zero of developing SMSF solutions,” said Mr Ackermann.

“Our upcoming initiatives will continue to focus on making the industry as effective and efficient as possible. 

“The SuperMate roadmap will see us driving innovations with AI and Big Data to improve business processes and workflows for our customers. I’m very excited about our forthcoming releases which I know will help process funds quickly, accurately and efficiently on a whole new level for this sector. 

“The future of SMSF software development will be driven by making the interactions between practitioners and trustees more seamless, and when the fund is automatically run well and transparent, the professionals are freed up to provide higher value more meaningful work to their customers,” said Mr Ackermann.

Outgoing CTO Kurt Groeneveld confirmed in July that he would not be renewing his 3-year contract to pursue other opportunities following the sale of the company he founded to SuperConcepts.

“It’s been a pleasure to watch Brad grow and to see SuperConcepts thrive, and now is the time for me to pass the torch and explore other ideas I have both locally and overseas for the next stage of my life,” said Mr Groeneveld.

Brad Ackermann Background

Brad Ackermann began coding at an early age. He is a graduate of the Queensland University of Technology holding a Bachelor of Information Technology, Information Systems.

Mr Ackermann was first employed by Sterling Systems as an analyst programmer creating web-based financial software while studying at University in 2000. 

Starting at Supercorp in 2003, then CEO Kurt Groeneveld saw potential in the young analyst programmer, who would progress through the ranks as a development team leader, product manager and general manager for operations and software development over the course of nearly 12 years.

In 2015 Brad was recruited by ASX 150 firm TechnologyOne, Australia's largest enterprise software company, to be R&D Director, and expanded software services and solutions into the highly regulated UK and Australian higher education market.

He was lured back by his mentor Kurt Groeneveld in 2017 to be Executive Manager of Software Development at SuperConcepts.

Brad’s recent specialisations include leading and managing large international teams, developing strategies and roadmaps for product development.

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