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SuperMate's software is a general ledger, double entry accounting system, designed to meet the exacting needs of accountants. Our advanced features make it fast and efficient to manage your SMSF clients – and you’ll love our fair value price.

Why SMSFs need specialist software

SuperMate makes it easy to complete your SMSF-specific tasks, with features standard accounting software can’t offer. With SuperMate you can quickly and easily:

  • allocate profit to members based on weighted average daily balances
  • allocate earnings from segregated assets to the right members
  • ensure the correct treatment for capital gains tax and corporate actions
  • record the correct tax components of member balances to ensure the right amount of tax is applied to benefit payments
  • identify when member benefits are preserved, helping to avoid any penalties for early access and ensuring the correct pension type is used.

Our easy-to-use software solution simplifies and automates the process, then generates the SMSF’s return for you. There’s no need to re-enter data – saving you time and preventing errors.

SuperMate for accountants

Help your practice to be smarter, faster and more profitable

SuperMate's SMSF administration software has hundreds of data audit wizards to assist with managing your SMSFs, including:

  • staying within contribution caps
  • complying with minimum pension payment requirements
  • complying with the in-house asset rule
  • ensuring year-end asset values are recorded at current market value
  • checking for overdrawn bank accounts
  • ensuring a valid TFN is recorded for all fund members.

You and your staff will also benefit from an extensive set of pre-defined workflows designed to speed you through everyday tasks. These workflows prompt staff through each step of the process, helping to ensure consistency and accuracy, as well as capturing data on the status of each job.

This means you’ll have visibility to track jobs and get the insights you need to manage your practice's SMSF business more effectively.

Get ready to grow

With automatic data loads from banks, brokers, wrap providers and our comprehensive corporate actions library, you’ll spend less time developing historical reports and returns, and more time providing valuable strategic advice to your clients. This means you can:

  • deepen your relationship with existing clients
  • retain business
  • increase share-of-wallet
  • take on more SMSF business – building revenue and achieving better economies of scale. 

You can even choose to transition to quarterly or even daily compliance, which means you can bill your clients more regularly, improving cash flow, and enabling you to forecast and invest for growth.

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