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22 Feb, 2018

Helping you and your team learn SuperMate

To help you and your team learn SuperMate, you can access various online training resources. Check out these recent additions and enhancements. 

Sandpit training environment

Our Sandpit resource is our SuperMate training environment which clients can access over a three-week period.

It includes Learner Guides enabling you to test drive the software – enter funds, add data, create tasks and so on – and these have been enhanced to include our Transaction Centre and Document Management System.

Sandpit enrolment is available via the ‘Basic Training’ link in SuperMate or by emailing

New training video

A range of training videos are available, all featuring an interactive table of contents and a PDF handout, which forms part of a working manual. 

Our latest video covers SuperMate’s new Document Management System.  Find this via our ‘Training’ link in SuperMate under ‘Further Training’.


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