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Setting up a new SMSF

A new SMSF requires a few things to be put in place to ensure it complies with superannuation laws. We can help you get it established.

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Transferring an existing SMSF

If you already have an SMSF administered by your accountant or another SMSF administration provider can you transfer it to SuperConcepts.

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An SMSF is a trust so it must have trustees. The individual members can be the trustees or a corporate trustee can be used.

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Investment strategy

An SMSF must have an investment strategy which sets the guidelines for how the assets will be invested. The key component will be the allocation to different types of investments.

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Types of investments

SMSFs can invest across a wide range of investments. Shares, property and cash are the most common investments but many others are also allowed.

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Making investments

To make your investments you will typically use a range of service providers like stock brokers, banks, property managers, among others. There are certain rules you need to be aware of.

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SMSFs benefit from favourable taxation laws to encourage Australian’s to provide for their own retirement.

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SMSFs need to ensure they comply with legislation. We can help you make sure you have the appropriate processes in place.

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Each year every SMSF must be audited. SuperConcepts will facilitate this for you.

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