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SMSF Documentation Services

At SuperConcepts, we support trustees, accountants and advisers to get the right compliance records in place for their SMSFs.



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Our preferred provider, Acis, is here to assist with your SMSF documentation needs.

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Acis brings a wealth of experience and a track record of excellence in providing documentation services. Their dedicated team ensures that all services are delivered with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail, tailored to the financial sector's specific needs.

Documentation services we offer



SMSF Establishment

New to SMSF? A comprehensive kit for any self-managed super fund that is starting out.


Trust Deed

Essential documents for the effective management and operation of your SMSF arrangements.


Corporate Trustee

Set up a company to act as trustee of your SMSF or as holding trustee for your borrowing arrangement.


Property Borrowing Arrangement

A fully integrated, flexible and comprehensive SMSF borrowing arrangement documentation service for property.


Pension Commencement

Heading toward retirement? Commence an account-based, transition to retirement or market linked pension.


Fund Restructure

Any changes to your fund (e.g. new fund name and change of trustees, etc.) must be properly documented to meet legislative, regulatory and audit requirements.