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Information security – It’s not a goal, it’s a promise

Nov 25, 2022, 09:44 AM
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By Jim Robinson
Chief Information Officer

information security

SuperConcepts treats Information Security as a cornerstone of everything we do and we are on a journey of continually improving, year on year, to achieve new heights in how we secure your data.

Here are a number of high-level security principles to help give you a view on how serious we are in protecting your private information.

Information security governance 

SuperConcepts runs an internal Information Security Management System and this committee preside over all Information Security decisions within the business. This committee is the foundation of all we do from a governance and information security risk perspective. On top of this effectively operating system we are also audited by multiple external bodies and hold two current Information Security accreditations with ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2.

Cyber security controls and operations 

SuperConcepts have over 100 Cyber Security, Information Technology, Human Resources and Software Development controls we operate, monitor, measure and report on. This lifecycle helps us to confirm not only do we have effective controls to mitigate risks but we are constantly making sure they are as effective as they are designed.

Vendor management and due diligence

All third-party vendors of a material nature who SuperConcepts operate with pass through a rigorous Information Security due diligence process. This gives not only us, but yourselves, peace of mind that the vendors we deal with meet a certain level of maturity in their security controls and practices.

Business continuity planning and testing 

Resiliency for our business operations is critical and so we strive to achieve both uninterrupted uptime but also test disaster recovery practices for swift restoration of these critical operations. Every year we re-asses our BCP and DRP for accuracy and test any changes to confirm we are ready for the day we need to be.

Software development security 

Our SuperMate product is one of the most important parts of our business and our team of developers follow a strict set of secure coding and development principles. These policies and practices mean our SuperMate product is designed and built with Information Security in mind through every stage of the development lifecycle. 

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