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SMSF software provider, SuperConcepts, achieves major milestone

Jun 7, 2022, 13:10 PM

Specialist self-managed super fund (SMSF) software provider SuperConcepts has achieved its first significant milestone with its new iteration of SuperMate, having onboarded the first 1,500 funds onto the platform.

The next generation of SMSF software was launched in February and SuperConcepts is thrilled to announce it has taken only a few short months to reach this goal.

“We know we’ve got the most exciting software in the market right now and it’s great to see that so many businesses have shown confidence in our product,” Chief Technology Officer, Andy Forbes said.

As well as the first new funds on the platform, SuperConcepts is currently in the process of onboarding another 2,000 new funds over the coming few weeks from committed sales.

Daniel Silvestri, Principal, Silvestri Chattered Accountants said, “We're thrilled and excited to be one of the first users of the new SuperMate and are already seeing significant increases in productivity.”

The web-based accounting software has completely rethought process and screen design to make SMSF administration easier than ever.

The intuitive interface and increased automation, with tools like DataHeroTM that can automatically extract transactions from documents, boost practice efficiencies.

Traditionally migration has been a painful disruption to administration firms who are already managing challenging workloads.

“SuperMate’s onboarding process, which has been a strong focus throughout the development, has well and truly been put to the test and is backed by our Migration Concierge Team,” Forbes said.

“We’re very confident in our ability to deliver a fast transition to SuperMate, so much so that we’re looking at how we can implement a guarantee scheme to this effect”

Silvestri echoed this by saying, “the migration process was surprisingly smooth and the dedicated support the firm has received from our Customer Success Manager has made onboarding seamless.”

With the new SuperMate, SuperConcepts has restarted the innovation curve and its software will continue to evolve.