Looking to start an SMSF? We've tailored a solution to help meet your needs.

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Manage investment portfolios with ease. 

Provide the next level of service to your clients for a low annual fee.



Document Management System

Upload documents across multiple portfolios and link each to a specific portfolio. DMS houses all your SMSF and portfolio related documents, regardless of format, so you have the convenience of storing all documents in one place.

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Enhanced Transaction Automation

With the added benefit of faster document data entry and an all new reconciliation suggestion engine, drag and drop a PDF bank statement and SuperMate’s Data HeroTM can automatically extract the transaction data for you.



Client reporting

Access well-formatted and easy to read reports at the touch of a button. Automate and customise your reporting to enhance your service offering and deliver information to your clients when they need it the most.

Client reporting




Portfolio Overview


Access a bird's eye view of your client's portfolio and easily drill down on specific details. Quickly access contact details, data feed health and the number of unreconciled transactions.




Tax Reporting

SuperMate calculates CGT to make tax time easier. Capital gain discounts are automatically applied, based on the investor type, as well as prior year capital losses, where applicable.

Taxable income on portfolio's investments including a breakdown of the revenue components is also available.




Fast onboarding

Client investment portfolios and tax parcel history can be easily onboarded via a drag and drop function. Automated corporate actions are then be applied with the portfolio ready for reporting.



But there's more...

SuperMate is all about making you work smarter, not harder. With a range of smart features, SuperMate Portfolio will help you manage your client’s assets efficiently and increase your client value proposition.

Take advantage of our new simplified and automated corporation actions feature.


Allocate a bank transaction to a contribution, expense or other account and SuperMate will find and suggest similar unreconciled transactions for allocating and reconciling to the same account.

In addition, when these transactions are allocated, SuperMate will create a transaction rule so future similar bank transactions are automatically reconciled!

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With automated foreign currency conversion, supporting over 35 currencies, the new SuperMate makes processing foreign assets and handling listed shares easy. 

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SuperMate is backed by a powerful read and write API, that is available to all of our clients at no extra charge. Collaborate and integrate with your partners and internal business systems.

Reduce manual data entry, free up staff and improve accuracy with over 260 data feeds available.

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Peronalise your client view and external facing communication and documents to look like your brand.




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